We Are Rajasthan group

About Us

Rajasthan group, The pioneers in Agri Products, Has Been Bringing the best of nature to millions of families. We believe in offering premium quality for maximum customer satisfaction.

We know once people get connected to real food, they never change back. Food is not just eating energy, its an experience.

Quality Control Procedure

All the raw material required for the production of pulses is purchased from the manufacturing markets of Uttar Pradesh,Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra under our personal guidance.

We have the entire setup for production of pulses.If there is any kind of defect in the pulses after the production, we sort it with the help of color sortax machine after which the pulses become clean and pure.

We are in this business of pulse milling since last 35 years. We then sell the finished goods of pulses to the wholesellers in various parts of India.